Posted by: Andrew | May 8, 2008

Open your arms, open your hearts

It would seem that MySpace is right in line with Eric Schmidt’s feelings about openness, with their announcement this week that they’ll now let users make their data more portable across the many sites and social networks they visit. The program, called Data Availability is supported by Yahoo, Twitter, and eBay. The whole idea is to encourage openness and standardization across the Web. Facebook has already done this to a certain degree by indexing user data on Google, but still remains outside of the growing OpenSocial initiative.

From the MySpace release:

“The walls around the garden are coming down—the implementation of Data Availability injects a new layer of social activity and creates a more dynamic Internet,” said Chris DeWolfe, CEO and co-founder of MySpace. “We, alongside our Data Availability launch partners, are pioneering a new way for the global community to integrate their social experiences Web-wide.”

An open world is a happy world!


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