Posted by: Andrew | May 7, 2008

Giving consumers “the reins”

I’ve always been a huge fan of Current for passing control to consumers. Whether the company will reach profitability on this strategy is another story (more on that in their S-1). But it’s the right move to involve consumers more in the media, recognizing that news and advertising in today’s world no longer revolve around centralization of content by mass media organizations. We are all the media now.

Wired touches on this plus some interesting developments with Hulu that I’d say constitute the hyper-targeting of ad content – the ability to aim your ad only at users who want to watch it. The key here is choice: consumers choose the ads they watch and elect the brand they want to affiliate themselves with. Imagine if you could proactively determine every banner ad on every website you visited? When it comes to video ads, Hulu is closing the gap between advertising and content. More on this from Visible Measures, an online video metrics company.


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